Ace of Diamonds #3 Pencils by Robb Phipps, Inks by Sam De La Rosa



Real Name: Unknown


Alias: None


Identity: Not publicly known


Class: Psionic


Occupation: Enforcer


Affiliations: Russian Mob


Enemies: Ace of Diamonds


Known Relatives: None


Base of Operations: Moscow


First Appearance: Psythe first appeared on a splash page in Ace of Diamonds issue #0, she was mentioned on the last page of Ace of Diamonds issue #2, and made her story debut in Ace of Diamonds #3 “Greetings from Mother Russia”.


Powers/Abilities: Psythe’s abilities appear to be psionic in nature. Her psionically manifested blades are very similar but more powerful, and less focused, than those of Ace of Diamonds.


History: Little is known about Psythe’s history before she was sent to Los Angeles by the Russian Mob to kill Ace of Diamonds. She claims to be the top enforcer for the Russian Mob, but she appears at least partially Asian.