Welcome to MEGABABES!

Here you will find info about the beautiful and powerful heroines and villains created by writer Glenn A. Porzig.

Featuring Ace of Diamonds, Bloodlust, Silver Spyder, Magnum, and Psythe.

It all started with Ace of Diamonds, Vegas showgirl turned superhero. A name, a costume, a power and an origin that eventually formed into a universe. From there came the other Megababes. Tough. Powerful. Sexy Superheroines.

A big thank you to all of the fans who have been so supportive at conventions over the years. Also a big thanks to Bill Williams of Lone Star Press who took a chance on an unknown and made a dream come true, Bill was also the editor and inker on the series. He was kind enough to let me color not only covers for the Ace of Diamonds series, but also covers for some of his other series like Pantheon and Force Seven. I was lucky to work with many talented artists during the short run of the series.  Talented pencillers including Robb Phipps, Eddy Newell, Samuel Clarke Hawbaker, Chris Sprouse and Art Nichols. Talented inkers Bill Williams, Sam De La Rosa, and Kelsey Shannon. And the talented Thom Zahler providing lettering.

Thanks also to Jennifer Miller, the Ace of Diamonds model who attended many shows with me to help promote the comic before retiring from the role in 2004. A big deal for me was working with Sam Greenwell who sculpted the excellent Ace of Diamonds model kit that I released in very limited quantities. Thanks also to the sculptor Kato for his wonderful work on the Bloodlust model kit. Also thanks to the conventions and comic shops that have invited me to be a guest or have signings, and the magazines (Amazing Figure Modeler) and websites (Comic Book Resources) that have featured my model kits and comics. Thanks to my photographer friends that helped with the first two Ace model shoots before I took over as the photographer, and to the fans that have shared their convention photos with me.

If you have any comments, stories to share, or maybe a photo of Ace from a convention please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

Glenn Porzig