Ace of Diamonds #3. Pencils by Robb Phipps, Inks by Sam De La Rosa



Real Name: Unknown


Alias: None


Identity: Not publicly known


Class: Probable mutant


Occupation: Adventurer


Affiliations: Ace of Diamonds


Enemies: Ace of Diamonds


Known Relatives: None


Base of Operations: Los Angeles, CA


First Appearance: Magnum first appeared on a splash page in Ace of Diamonds issue #0, she teased with a full page appearance in Ace of Diamonds issue #3 “Greetings from Mother Russia”.


Powers/Abilities: Magnum has the ability to absorb kinetic energy that she can store and release at will. This has the effect of rendering her bulletproof as bullets lose their momentum and fall harmlessly as they approach her. It can be used to increase her strength and she can focus this energy and release an energy blast from her hands that hits with blunt force able to punch through cinder block.


History: It is unknown what Magnum’s true intentions are, but she appears to hold a grudge against Ace of Diamonds.