Silver Spyder


Ace of Diamonds #2 Pencils by Robb Phipps, Inks by Sam De La Rosa

Silver Spyder


Real Name: Krista Silver


Alias: Spyder


Identity: Publicly known


Class: Genius (hi-tech armor)


Occupation: Inventor, CEO of Silver Industries a Bio-Tech company


Affiliations: Ace of Diamonds


Enemies:Synthtech Corp


Known Relatives: None


Base of Operations: Los Angeles, CA


First Appearance: Silver Spyder first appeared as a pin-up in Ace of Diamonds issue #1, she made her story debut in Ace of Diamonds #2 “Along Came A Spyder”.


Powers/Abilities: She is also a very active and agile fitness enthusiast with some martial arts training.  Her powers are derived for her armored suit made of lightweight “Arachnium”, a unique bio-alloy synthetic spider web.  She also wears a gauntlet on her left arm with many built-in gadgets and functions.  It can shoot venom darts, but it’s main function is as a high speed wench that can cast and reel in a thin Arachnium cable that she uses as transport.


History: Like her parents, Krista Silver is a brilliant inventor. When the formula for her miracle material known as “Arachnium” is stolen she dons an experimental armored costume and breaks into the Synthtech Corporate offices to retrieve it.  There she encountered Ace of Diamonds in one of her first outings as a heroine, and turned herself in after destroying the formula.  Silver Spyder was taken to jail where she was recruited to work with a secret government agency.


Comments: Silver Spyder was a classic case of a hero introduced as a villain to fight the established hero so that she could be spun off into her own adventures.