Ace of Diamonds


Heroic Tales #3 Pencils by Robb Phipps, Inks by Bill Williams

Ace of Diamonds


Real Name: Danika Nolan


Alias: Dani


Identity: Publicly Known


Class: Psionic


Occupation: Vegas Showgirl


Affiliations: Silver Spyder, Bloodlust, Shadow Sector


Enemies: Psythe, The Russian Mob


Known Relatives: Robert Nolan (Adoptive Father)


Base of Operations: Las Vegas, NV


First Appearance: Heroic Tales issue #3 (8 page back up story) Lone Star press, October 1997


Powers/Abilities: Danika is a trained gymnast and dancer.  She also has latent martial arts training that reflexively surfaces in times of stress.  Her powers are psychokinetic enabling her to focus psionic energy into diamond hard shapes that can be used as shields or hurled as razor sharp projectiles.


Comments: Ace of Diamonds appeared in issues #3 and #5 of Heroic Tales before being published in her own title which ran issues 0-3.